2023 Conference Recap

This past September, nearly 200 nonprofits and supporting organizations came together in Chicago to discuss ways technology and innovation can change the way we work as nonprofits and create a bigger impact in our communities and the world.

We are grateful to our partners, speakers and attendees who made this an unforgettable experience in our temporary home at The InterContinental. Find feedback, presentations and pictures below.

Said They Left With Useful, Actionable Steps

Said They Found Value in Majority of Sessions

Said Tech Forward Met Their Expectations

Fantastic job pulling these elements together, and loved the diversity of speaker perspectives and topics.

This conference was amazing. We met tons of new people, had a great time, and brought back a wealth of information to our agency.

It was great connecting with other participants and speakers and hearing about their team utilizes technology.

This is the one conference I insist on going to, and with good reason. It’s wonderful hearing from/connecting with other folks who work in tech/data in the nonprofit space

As a first time attendee at a tech conference, I would say Tech Forward over exceeded my expectations.

It was wonderfully intimate and hope it stays that way for future conferences

My first time at Tech Forward, and it was a fabulous experience! Thank you all so much!

One of the best conferences I’ve attended thus far!


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Outgrowing Technology and Focusing on Scale DOWNLOAD

AI for Nonprofits: From Theory to Practice DOWNLOAD

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Managing Cyber Risk DOWNLOAD

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