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Tech Forward partners are handpicked organizations that are giving back to the nonprofit community through technology. These exclusive partners are an integral part of the conference, from deciding topics and focuses, to curating content and speakers alongside the Tech Impact team. Learn more about ways they can help your organization with your technology needs.

Interested in partnering with Tech Impact or sponsoring deserving nonprofits to attend the event? See bottom of page for sponsorship brochure information.

However you do good in the world, there’s something for you at TechSoup.

Whether you have resources to give or solutions you need to get, TechSoup facilitates the exchange. A trusted partner for nearly three decades, TechSoup provides both the digital platforms and in-person experiences that enable people to work together toward a more equitable world.

Learn more about TechSoup can equip you with transformative technology products, knowledge, and services

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Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more

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Technology Innovation Award Sponsors

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Learn more about ways to partner with Tech Impact and the Tech Forward Conference and how you can reach 200 nonprofit tech leaders integral in making technology decisions for their organizations. Reach out to to find out more information or fill out the form below to get sent our 2021 sponsorship package.

Do you want to help nonprofits attend Tech Forward? Consider a registration donation – contact us to talk about sponsoring deserving nonprofits, either chosen by you, or picked by us.

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