2021 Conference Agenda Coming Soon

Check out a review of our 2020 agenda:

12:00PM - 1:30PM EST

Main Stage Event
  • 12:00 – 12:30 Keynote Speakers
  • 12:30 – 12:45 Nonprofit Lightning Talks
  • 1:00 – 1:20 TIA Awards Celebration
  • 1:20 – 1:30 Closing Speakers

2:00PM - 3:30PM EST

Workshop #1 & #2

*All-Access Pass Required

Building a Visualization Dashboard

SecCheck: Cyber Security and Compliance Assessment

4:00PM - 5:30PM EST

Workshop #3 & #4

*All-Access Pass Required

Workflow Automation with Power Platform

Virtual Fundraising in 2020

2020 Featured Topics

Interactive Mapping
A 2019 TIA Winner Update

In 2019, the Strategic Action for a Just Economy won the Technology Innovation Award to put $10,000 toward their technology project, OWN IT!, a suite of tools which makes public data accessible through interactive visualizations and maps to anyone. Hear an update from the SAJE team and how their project has grown to help LA renters grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finding Your Guiding Star:
Virtually; Solving Complex problems using Design Thinking +
Systems Thinking + Strategic Plan

Ever try to change your clothes while running on a treadmill?

That’s what many nonprofits feel like lately.  Even moreso since COVID-19, they are having to revolutionize how they can continue to safely create impact, pivot to virtual fundraising, and even how to operate efficiently from a distance. Learn how your organization can not only think incrementally, but to achieve 10x the impact through Strategic Alignment, Human-Centered Design and Systems Thinking.

Tech Philanthropy

Okta’s VP of Social Impact breaks down 3 myths about working with tech companies and provides tactical tools for you to get the most out of your relationships with social impact teams.

Being Prepared -
How Workflow Automations
Helped Us Thrive in COVID

As a former technology executive turned nonprofit COO, James Gadsby was on a journey to modernize his nonprofit’s footprint and his actions came just in time. Learn how Desire Street’s 3-year process led to leveraging workflow automation features that helped them thrive with increased efficiency, seamless work-from-anywhere capabilities and reduce operational timeframes.

Cyber Attack

In early 2020, Lynn Morrison lived an Executive Director’s nightmare when their operations were brought to a halt following a ransomware attack. Lynn talks about her experience and what she learned that other nonprofits can do to further protect themselves.

Creatively Engaging
With Your Community

How do we change the world? That is the implicit question asked by nonprofits when they are planning their communications, marketing and fundraising activities. We we talk about online engagement, what we mean is the co-creation of something meaningful with our community. It’s not pushing content at people. It’s the push and pull of content that creates something new and nonprofits can harness the voice of their communities to help.

It's Free...
Like A Puppy

Free. It has all these wonderful connotations. Free lunch. Free as a bird. Free for all!  We especially love free stuff in the nonprofit sector because we are working with limited resources and trying to do more with what we have. But sometimes free is not so free. In this talk we’ll address the broader expectation in our society of getting things for free, what the cost of that is, and how organizations can explicitly think about the cost of data systems that are “free”.

Democratizing AI for

Artificial Intelligence still has a sense that is only for the elite, for corporate companies with unlimited budgets and the resources to support it. That’s not the case any longer, and hear you’ll learn one easy way you can set up and benefit from AI in your organization – ChatBots.

Securing Your
Remote Workforce

Cybercrime is now more lucrative than the drug trade and by April 2020 following the movement to remote working due to the COVID-19 crisis, the rate at which nonprofits have been attacked has skyrocketed. It is imperative to understand the landscape of cybercrime and what you can, and should, be doing to protect your data and employees.

2020 Featured Tech Lab Workshops

SecCheck Workshop

SecCheck cyber security and compliance assessment evaluates your organization’s current cyber security and compliance maturity resulting in a rating against seven different categories: Application, Business Continuity, Cloud, Data, Identity, Policy, and Infrastructure.

In this workshop, we’ll provide access to the assessment tool, walk participants through its completion and provide an evaluation and personalized report with technology recommendations and resources. Assessments are typically completed by nonprofit leadership and technology staff and typically take between 60 and 90 minutes to complete.


  • A full evaluation and understanding of your organization’s current security and compliance policies
  • A review by a Security Advisor who will evaluate the information collected and generate a report that includes technology recommendations for resources to improve the organization’s technology use
  • A budget for the initial recommended steps identified
Building a Visualization Dashboard

Building a dashboard is easy, but understanding what data to use and how to best present it is a challenge many organizations miss. Using the build of an Annual Report as an example, learn about best practices and how to get started visualizing data for your organization.

This workshop will focus on the steps organizations need to take before they begin the visualization build including drawing out your report, identifying key performance indicators (KPIs), and documenting where the data for each metric lives. Designed for leadership members, development staff, or any other team members looking for visualization tools, this workshop does not require technical expertise.


  • A template customized by you during the workshop that can be used to create an annual report
  • An understanding of various use cases and their different needs including program impact, fundraising, board reports and annual reports
  • A review of best practices and considerations when creating visualizations for your organization, both internally and externally
  • A listing of tools that can be used to create and maintain these reports
Workflow Automation using Microsoft Power Platform
(Power Automate, Power Apps, Power BI)

Many organization are starting to evaluate ways to automate workflows to either replace a manual, paper process or reduce the burden on newly remote staff. This workshop will focus on the different tools available within Microsoft’s Power Platform and how they can be used independently, together, or with other applications. We will review ways to streamline repetitive tasks, gather key information from staff and report back on it, simplify existing processes like approval workflows, and more. Designed for leadership members, programs staff, and IT staff who are interested in learning how to leverage some of the technology currently available, this workshop will benefit those without technical expertise by providing an overview of the capabilities and possibilities of the platform applications as well as those looking for tangible takeaways to practice or implement within their own organization.


  • Understanding the Microsoft Power Platform
  • Common Use Cases by Application
  • The power of the collective platform as well as third-party integrations
  • How to start with and modify templates
Digital Fundraising in 2020

Learn the fundamentals and best practices for using social media, email, and additional communication tools to conduct digital fundraising in this remote world. Walk through steps to consider when optimizing your website, targeting email audience and crafting a social media plan.


  • Learn key elements of optimizing your website and creating an online donation form.
  • Align email and social media fundraising
  • Understand how to analyze and utilize metrics from your campaigns.
  • Discover software to support your fundraising efforts.

2020 Speakers and Additional Workshops Coming Soon

2020 On Demand Featured Sessions

Building Resiliency
in Your Nonprofit

Resiliency today is not a choice and nonprofits need to build it within their staff members and apply it to today’s technology challenges. In this on-demand session, certified change management expert, Ralitza Zikatanova will draw from the large body of change management techniques. Attendees will walk away with the ability to create a personal action plan in moments that require resiliency and have a list of big picture competencies they can reference as they continue to face new challenges.

Transform Constituents into Mission
Evangelists with CX Framework

Putting customers/constituents at the heart of your organization ensures decisions reflect your community’s needs, desires, and feelings. We’ll share the Customer Experience framework — identifying your key personas, mapping out their journeys, listening to your constituents at key touchpoints, anticipating and predicting needs, and actioning to transform experiences. To see this framework come to life, I’ll share stories from nonprofits like Human IT who have served 4x more households by streamlining their beneficiary journey and utilizing SMS as their main feedback channel for a better CX.

Engagement Strategies to Deepen
Online Learning Experiences

Online learning has been gaining in popularity and usage in recent years. With the necessity of social distancing due to the pandemic, it is likely that online learning will continue to expand. While online learning provides the opportunity to share content at any time, to anyone around the world, it also can be challenging to create the community and connections with remote learners. In this talk, we discuss some strategies that are proving to bridge that divide and share ideas with one another about ways to make distance learning feel engaging and meaningful.

Best Practices for Your
Data Management System

You have a donor management system, but how do you get the most out of it while maintaining it for optimal efficiency? How do you take advantage of all the hidden gems that are in there to make your data truly work for you?  Join us for a short primer that identifies key donor management software best practices, including keeping your data clean, enhancing your lists, and customizing and segmenting your data.  This will be a quick pass to provide ideas you may wish to explore in more detail.

Retaining Technology Women
Through Open Source

Up to twice as many women drop out of the technical ladder in the corporate world as men. A look at the numbers published by Facebook (16%), Google (18%), Slack (18%) demonstrate the extent of the problem. In open source, the numbers are around 5.4%. CodeChix, a CA non-profit, is addressing this retention problem in the tech industry through open source tools and methodologies to help retain busy, professional women engineers/developers.

Building a Culture
of Innovation

Many nonprofits think of innovation as a luxury they can’t afford. Staff time and budgets are limited, and improving the way they use technology seems out of reach. But technology can offer straightforward, inexpensive means of providing higher quality services, and create numerous opportunities to do more with less—even in our current economic climate. Which makes innovation something organizations can no longer afford not to embrace. Hear key strategies and best practices for everyday innovation, along with real-world examples, providing a framework for innovation appropriate for every nonprofit.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers: Tips &
Tactics for Effective Engagement

Have you figured out how to steward your P2P fundraisers? We’ll share practical examples of ways to draw your existing P2P fundraisers more deeply into your organization and help them raise more money. You’ll come away from this micro session with fresh ideas and inspiration!

  • Learn how (and when) to communicate with your P2P fundraisers
  • Explore ways to use your marketing automation and social media tools
  • See examples from organizations that are doing this well