The topic is hot in the board room and the interest is high among your funders. How can you leverage your data to help tell your story and success? Perhaps more importantly, how can data be leveraged for predictive outcomes, enabling us to improve mission delivery and effectiveness?

You will hear from innovative nonprofits and experts in the field of data that will give you transformative ideas for how your organization can take advantage of new tools that make collection and visualization in reach for all organizations. This track takes things beyond pretty diagrams and will help you understand concrete steps to change how everyone in your organization – from your direct service staff to your board – thinks about data.


Sessions and Breakouts

Plenary Talk: “Forget Data: Get Me Analytics” – Welles Hatch

Monday, 10:00 to 10:30 am – General Session Room

The promise of large amounts of usable data is only realized with meaningful analytics – so let’s change the conversation. Welles Hatch of City Year is going to describe how his organization is pivoting to be an enterprise that only talks about how data is used, not the data itself. What questions do my business owners’ need the answers to? What visualizations will improve their effectiveness or accelerate their work?

Welles is on a mission, evangelizing for initiatives to start with the questions to be answered, not the data collected. He’ll ask you to imagine a world where only a small, specialized team gets to use the word “data” and can be the formula to unleashing the analytic creativity of your organization. You’ll hear about how the “Data Management and Enterprise Analytics” strategy is playing out at City Year which includes mobilizing cross-functional teams for data governance, developing analysis standards and credentialing for staff, and replacing “data” with “analysis” in job descriptions and meetings across the organization. Having a bigger impact requires being thoughtful about how technology supports the work in your organization; Welles will share one path for accomplishing that while staying close to the work.


Leadership Breakout: “Data of the Future – Creating Change Through Data Visualization & Big Data”- Robert Cheetham, Azavea

Monday, 1:15 to 2:15pm

Break through the buzzwords and learn what the nonprofit data revolution can mean for your organization. Hear from Robert Cheetham at Azavea about how their using Geo Mapping and Geo Fencing to identify and tell stories. See how this transformative application of technology has shaped social programs and city wide initiatives.

This session is not technical and is intended to give organization leaders the knowledge they need to push for data-focused change within their organizations. Hold your staff accountable and keep your organization relevant.


Program Breakout: “Putting the Technology Platform Close to the Work” – Welles Hatch, City Year

Monday, 10:45 to 11:45am

Schedule a meeting in your organization about analytics these days and you’ll be instantly oversubscribed. How can you channel the pent up demand from every department with different needs and heartfelt appeals for how analytics can help their work?  No one needs help understanding the importance of analytics, but getting buy-in and budget to create a foundation for quality analytics is the difficult and sometimes lonely work.

Hear from Welles Hatch of the national organization City Year, who helped shift his organization’s thinking at every level about this technology “value add”. He will discuss tools, themes and peer support for positioning technology leadership differently in your organization by becoming a resource for business analysis, challenging legacy practices, and introducing your colleagues to the “requirements gathering” happy place. Welles will cover practical strategies for creating change in technology teams, executive management, program managers, and direct service staff.


Technical Breakout: “Telling Stories, Making Decisions, and Identifying Trends – The Power of Data Visualization Tools” – Sam Chenkin, Tech Impact

Tuesday, 10:25 – 11:25am

Have all the data you need, but no way to use it? Struggling to find compelling ways to tell your organization’s story for grants, donors, board members, and the public? Don’t get lost in the world of graphs and templates to showcase your nonprofit’s great work – learn about the tools and software available to you at little or no cost.

Come and hear real stories about how Tech Impact utilizes data visualization tools to inform its work, uses data to tell stories, but also uses it to determine staffing levels, price services, and dig into complex trends. Get a behind the scenes look at how to use data visualization every day to advance the cause of nonprofit technology.


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