How can you leverage your data to help tell your story and success? Dive deep into data decision making, management and tools that help make sense of your data insights to positively impact your constituents, your staff and your bottom line. Learn team-based ways to use data to help tell your organization’s story while also using it to help make more informed decisions.

2019 Featured Topics

Decentralizing Data Analysis through Data Modeling

Look at strategies to strip complexity from traditional data sources and build simplified data models that are comprehensible to a wider audience. Move beyond thinking about data modeling as simply creating structural representations (although we’ll do that too) to thinking about it as shaping data – taking raw materials (your big, messy data) and shaping them into something recognizable (a flat file or simple star schema). Share examples that illustrate how FHI has expanded access to data analysis and visualization tools for program/content experts and reduced reliance on data “experts” using this approach. Examples will necessarily reference specific products (Power BI, SQL Server, SalesForce), but the concepts can be applied more generally.Takeaways: understanding the benefits of decentralized data analysis and redistributed data expertise, tools for engaging content experts in the development of simplified logical data models, examples of practical application of data modeling/shaping concepts.

Tools for Taking Action: Cultivating an Organizational Culture of Curiosity and Learning

This session will focus on how to develop an organizational culture that values learning and curiosity. Participants will learn about the key components of a learning culture, how to develop it within an organization, and how to sustain it for the long-term. The session will highlight research-based practices as well as stories from the field. Participants will also engage in a series of fun reflection and planning exercises to jumpstart their own learning culture efforts.

Interactive Dashboarding – Post Conference Workshop

In this session you’ll learn hands-on how to build interactive reports and dashboards from Tech Impact’s leading Data experts. We’ll provide a sample data set and walk you through the process of connecting, preparing, visualizing, and analyzing the session. We’ll also go beyond the technology, and discuss how you can take these skills home to shift the culture in your organizations to be more agile and data driven.

Topics and sessions will be updated on a continuous basis. Check back for updates

2018 Featured Topics

“Dabbling in the Data: Helping Team Make Meaning from Data”

“Data Driven Decisionmaking”

“Data As a Swiss Army Knife: Use it to Communicate, Fundraise and Demonstrate Impact”