How can you leverage your data to help tell your story and success? Better yet, how can data be leveraged for predictive outcomes, enabling us to improve mission delivery and effectiveness? Dive deep into data decision making, management and tools that help make sense of your data insights to positively impact your constituents, your staff and your bottom line. Hear from nonprofits and experts in the field of data that will give transformative ideas on how your organization can take advantage of new tools that make collection, analysis and visualization in reach for all.

Sessions & Breakouts

Breakout Session – Data Driven Decisionmaking

It’s possible to do more with data than report out to your funders and it doesn’t take a big investment. Hear from nonprofits on what they’re doing to shift to a data-driven culture inside their organization. Learn best practices for empowering staff to make better decisions, hear about mistakes made & lessons learned along the way, and leave with practical steps you and your organization can start taking today. This cultural-change focused session will help everyone in your organization use data, understand what’s important, and empower staff to use data to make better informed decisions.

Breakout Session: “Dabbling in the Data: Helping Teams Make Meaning From Data and Go From Arghh to Alright!”

Most mission-driven organizations collect loads of data… that they never use. Nonprofits are drowning in data and need practical strategies to go from data to action. Reviewing data regularly helps programs and organizations to improve services and tell their stories, but analysis can be intimidating and frustrating. This leads to frustration and burnout on the part of staff responsible for collecting that information, and is a missed opportunity for improved organizational performance.

Dabbling in the Data will offer rigorous, team-based methods to make meaning of data and use those learnings to inform action. In this session, we’ll share our go-to Dabbling activities, which we’ve used with everyone from C-suite executives to youth program participants. Session attendees will have an opportunity for hands-on practice with select methods, and take time to think about how to use these steps with their own teams. Attendees will build skills making meaning from data in a way that yields actionable insights and powerful stories and after practicing, attendees will have the opportunity to reflect on how the activities might be used in their own programs


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