How are you leveraging technology to do more good? With an ever-changing technology landscape, even small organizations can take advantage of incredible advances in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Processing and more. Leveraging your organizational insights through these technologies can help you work more efficiently and create stronger impact. Learn how the availability of these innovative technologies can change the way you work and in turn how you help others. Innovation is the catalyst that drives major changes in how we help entire communities and create lasting impact.

Sessions & Breakouts

Breakout Session: “Closing the Empathy Gap: Unlocking Resources; Time, Talent & Treasure”

We need to change the conversation to shift from operating in a scarcity mindset and operating in the starvation cycle. It is time we recognize the abundance of resources that are available in each of our communities. The problem is not the lack of resources, it is that we have not cracked the code on the strategic unlocking and deployment of resources, due to a gap in empathy between the people that hold these resources and the people on the ground who need them.

As the gap between business leaders in the tech world and local nonprofit leaders continue to grow, it is becoming increasingly important to provide community, infrastructure and programs that help to close the empathy gap. Furthermore, once that gap is closed it is critical that there is a framework that leads to increased resources of time, talent & treasure being unlocked for the social impact community in a more purposeful manner.  Full Circle Fund will give us a deep dive into the programs launched to address this gap, in turn accelerating change by dramatically increasing the resources available to local community based organizations.


Breakout Session: “Breaking the Myth of Blockchain”

What does blockchain really entail, and where does it intersect with the social sector? Push past the buzzword and discuss how and when you should consider implementing it in your organization.


Breakout Session: “Driving User Engagement Through Gamification”

How are nonprofits using behavioral economics to move their members to meet their mission? In this talk we will explore ways nonprofits are using modern tools to engage their audience, track impact and share their mission. From scavenger hunts, to gamifying volunteering, your nonprofit can benefit from a field of study that is not just for the for profit world. How to nudge people to act is at the core of serving your mission, learn how others are successfully utilizing these approaches in their everyday practice to achieve measurable results.

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