Understand the future of technology and how it can change our communities for the better. NGOs can harness the power of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Processing and Blockchain – learn how to leverage the availability of innovative technologies to change the way you work and make the world better.

2019 Featured Topics

Practical Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Nonprofits

Artificial Intelligence (AI) shows great promise in addressing humanitarian, development, and conservation challenges – from emergency response to refugee education and health diagnostics. Numerous tech companies are investing time, resources, and technical expertise, working alongside nonprofits to develop solutions to some of the world’s most challenging issues. Come learn about how AI can extend an nonprofit’s reach. In this educational talk we will cover what AI is and how it can be used both for planning programs and measuring impact.

Design Thinking for Nonprofits – Post Conference Workshop

Does your nonprofit organization struggle to get unstuck and try new things? You’re not alone, and there are strategies that can help! In this workshop, we’ll facilitate a live and collaborative Design Thinking session. Participants will learn out of the box brainstorming techniques, paper prototyping, how to validate that your approach will actually work and how to pitch your idea.

Participants should expect an interactive and dynamic experience. During this two-hour  workshop, participants will work in small groups to bring an idea to life.

Topics and sessions will be updated on a continuous basis. Check back for updates.

2018 Featured Topics

“Closing the Empathy Gap: Unlocking Resources, Time, Talent & Treasure”

“Breaking the Myth of Blockchain”

“Driving User Engagement Through Gamification”

“Ask Izzy: A Case Study Empowering People Who are Homeless or At Risk in Australia”