Technology is changing at break-neck speed, but it is difficult for nonprofit leaders to know which changes are right for their organizations. Should we adopt this cloud or that one? How does change affect our computer use policy? What will the new technology do to our (limited) budget? Should we allow users to bring their own computers? As the leader of your nonprofit, you may have asked these questions. Sessions in this track will help answer those questions and more. Expert speakers will address how digital transformation affects organizations from budget to policy and through to successful adoption.

Sessions and Breakouts

Plenary Speaker: “Strategic Allies: How Nonprofit Leaders and Their Tech Talent are Transforming Organizations” – Rebecca Masisak, TechSoup

The nonprofit landscape is shifting, and executives at the new “Digital NGO” are rising to the challenge.


Program Breakout: “Innovating Programs Through Technology” – Karen Graham, Idealware

As your organization continues to look for new and better ways to deliver effective programs, what technologies can help you in your work? The right innovations and ideas benefit both your program staff and the people you serve. In this session, based mostly around case studies, we’ll look at the interesting ways real organizations are using everything from text messaging to telemedicine—including tablets, video games, and more—to improve their program delivery. We will also share newly released research from Idealware on how small nonprofits are tapping into technology to improve the reach and quality of their services.


Technical Breakout: “Building and Activating Digital Communities” – Cody Damon, MediaCause.Org

Organizations are used to one-way communication flows. They talk and we listen. This model of organizational-centric marketing has quickly been disrupted by digital communication platforms that require organizations not just to listen but to react to their audiences. We will explore different diagnostic platforms and campaigns from US-based nonprofit organizations and learn how listening, measuring and reacting to your audience will produce greater fundraising results, more engaged advocates, and larger audiences ready to mobilize for your cause.

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