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2019 Featured Topics

2020 topics and sessions will be updated this spring. Check back for updates

Digital Skillsets
In Nonprofits

Digital skillsets will be essential to the success of tomorrow’s leaders, tomorrow’s organizations, and tomorrow’s social sector—and that’s just as true for today’s. What are the digital skills nonprofit executives need? How does the acquisition of these skills affect how their organizations operate and deliver on their missions? How can leaders acquire these skillsets, and what are the challenges and barriers they face?

Hear from experts in this topic that will encourage nonprofit executives to seek out avenues to build their skills and inspire funders to recognize the vital role strategic technology initiatives play in transforming the way organizations work.

Building Disaster Resilient Communities
with Digital-Ready Nonprofits

With climate-related disasters on the rise impacting the way we live and work, how might nonprofits build greater resilience in our communities to better prepare for, respond to, and thrive after calamity strikes?

In this panel, experts from leading nonprofits will share best practices and lessons learned when it comes to developing digitally resilient organizations to more efficiently support disaster response and recovery efforts in our communities.

Finding the Balance:
Outsourcing Vs. Insourcing Tech Support

With no budget and increasing frustration with the inherent weaknesses of a totally outsourced technology support solution, what’s the best course of action for a nonprofit? Learn about one case study on an organizations path to creating their first internal technology position (CTO) and designing and launching an internal Regional IT Associate program. By training key, non-technical employees in separate locations to act as on-the-ground liaisons between their team and the home office, they’ve been able to increase trust, save money and deliver quicker service. If you are wondering how you might improve tech support on a shoe string budget, come and learn about this innovative approach, the communication tools used and some things you might want to think twice about as you find the right balance of internal and external resources