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Threats are continuously coming at nonprofits from every angle, especially as we deploy solutions for increased mobility and distributed workforces. Learn about how security threats impact nonprofits and find out how to keep your organization safe and compliant. Get practical guidelines to securing your environment and minimizing your risks.

Past Featured Topics

Growing a Culture of Security
from the Grassroots

At organizations where everyone takes out the trash, digital security is a community effort, too – everyone cleans the kitchen, and everyone downloads signal! For nonprofits with limited centralized control , implementing best security practices can seem unattainable and unaffordable, and a distraction from the mission’s work. However, security and grassroots are not mutually exclusive. In this session, you’ll learn how to achieve small, progressive wins by showing how digital security supports your mission. By baking security into the policies and processes you already do, you’ll build buy-in and start creating a culture of security.

Nonprofit Cybersecurity
Incident Report

It is a commonly held misconception that nonprofits are not targeted and can safely “fly under the radar” because of their size or the relative unimportance of their data. Attacks have become automated and hacking software is now cheap and readily available, making every computer and device a potential target. In addition, the trusted identity of a non-profit can also be used to pivot and target other organizations or board members. A recent security report by Kaspersky Labs shows that the cost of responding to a data breach for a small to medium business in North America is $149K – are actual costs that organizations like yours would face. Understanding the new and persistent threats that exist is a good first step to adopting a meaningful approach to security at your organization.

This session will provide three takeaways:

  • Understanding of the cybersecurity threats faced by small-midsized nonprofits
  • Playbook for addressing the most common threats
  • Techniques for engaging your board and your organization’s leadership on implementing these solutions
Ensuring Security for a
Virtual Workforce

As technology becomes interwoven into our daily lives, developing sound IT policies and ensuring compliance within those policies is more important than ever. Yet, many small nonprofits with limited IT capacity or budgets are asking themselves; where do I begin? Thankfully some simple steps in IT administration go a long way in ensuring your organization’s data is secure and accessible. These “best practices” are easier and cheaper to implement than you might think. Ocean Outcomes, a small globally-distributed NGO, recently transitioned to a fully-virtual bring your own device (BYOD) operating model. Learn first-hand what this looks like, what we’re doing well and what’s been a challenge, so that you can ensure your users accessing work data on their smartphone and/or laptop are doing so securely, from wherever they might be.

Ask the Expert:
Trends in Cybersecurity

This small-group breakout will provide a look at overarching trends in cybersecurity and infrastructure and include an opportunity for participants to discuss current security concerns or issues for group discussion.