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It’s 2018, and threats are continuously coming at nonprofits from every angle, especially as we deploy solutions for increased mobility and distributed workforces. Learn about how security threats impact nonprofits and find out how to keep your organization safe and compliant. Get practical guidelines to securing your environment and minimizing your risks.

Sessions & Breakouts

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Breakout Session:  “Locking It Down – A Look at First Priorities for Securing Your Organization”

Tuesday, 11:40am to 12:40pm – Room TBD

You’ve secured passwords and backed up your data, but what’s next on the to-do list of security? How do choose which security features are right for your organization, and when do you start implementing? Dive deeper into your needs in this interactive panel discussion that follows three different size organizations on their journey to strengthen their security posture.

Panelists:  Cathy Golightly, SNJPC; Michael Enos, TechSoup


Breakout Session: “Privacy-First Approach to Security” – Erik Arnold, Microsoft

Monday, 2:20 to 3:20pm – Room TBD

GDPR might be the law in Europe, but users are coming to expect the same protections around the world. Increasingly concerned constituents expect nonprofits to take their privacy and data security seriously. Learn about how to take a privacy-first approach to security in your nonprofit organization and stay ahead of your constituent’s expectations


Breakout Session: “Advanced Security Threats” – Jordan McCarthy, Tech Impact

Tuesday, 10:25am – 11:25am – Room TBD

Most nonprofits need to worry about phishing and brute-force attacks, but some need to worry about much more.

Learn about advanced security threats facing nonprofits with well-resourced and government adversaries. We’ll discuss man-in-the-middle, evil-maid, side-channel, rom-tampering, and other advanced threats.

This session will educate, but cut through the fear-mongering and help your organization understand where to focus its efforts.