Cyberattacks are at an all-time high and nonprofits are being targeted with phishing schemes and nefarious software designed to collect ransom and wreak havoc. Threats are coming at nonprofits from every angle, especially as we deploy solutions for a distributed workforce. This focus helps leaders to understand the threats, how to respond to incidents, should they occur, and what practices they can put in place to protect their organizations. The conversation will start with the realities facing nonprofit organizations with mobile workforces and drill into practical, achievable steps nonprofits can take to help secure their organizations.

Sessions and Breakouts

Plenary Session: “Wired, but still human?” – Jean-Louis Ecochard

When our finger clicks on an app to connect with people around the globe, what should we do next with our brain?

Once comfortable with online meeting tools such as Skype for Business, WebEx or GoToMeeting, how can we work with a colleague we never met in person as effectively as if we were side-by-side? Faced with the initial complexity of getting the tech to connect, it’s easy to forget that social interactions through the screen require different skills than those for a face-to-face world.

Jean-Louis (JL) Ecochard of the Center for the Digital Nonprofit, spent more than a decade leading virtual global teams as CIO of The Nature Conservancy and studying the science of virtual work. JL will share his experience and research to make our online meetings more effective.


Leadership Breakout: “Face-to-screen, new digital skills for global collaboration”- JL Ecochard

Tuesday, 10:25 to 11:25am

We’ve honed our face-to-face interaction skills since we took our first breath and practice them every day. But in our new hyper connected digital world, our face-to-face talents are no longer enough. We need new skills to keep up with the performance that our missions demand.

Success and growth in the digital age often requires working from multiple locations, on the move, with remote teams, mobile workers, sometimes distributed all over the globe. While we know how to interact with people in person, it’s more challenging through the screen. What are the critical skills and behaviors that get us to perform best when team members and departments only meet on the screen? How does this affect productivity and internal relations? How can leadership better equip their organization to the challenges of a global mobile workforce?

Jean-Louis will continue the discussion with us, sharing what skills and behaviors increase performance of online collaboration and discussing successful case studies of non-profit working virtually.


Program Breakout: “Cyber Attacks: Prevention, Detection, and Compliance” Panel Discussion

Monday, 10:45 to 11:45am

WannaCry, ransomware, wiring scams. Over the past 2 years, it feels like nonprofits and NGOs have been in a ongoing battle to keep their data safe, no matter how small or under the radar they think they are flying. But where should your priorities be in prevention when a new threat seems to pop up every day? What are your legal requirements and next steps if your constituent data is hacked? Hear about the current outlook for cyber attacks on the nonprofit community and go beyond how to protect your organization – what are you supposed to do if it happens?