Session Topics

2022 Session Topics

Future Digital Disruptions in the
Nonprofit World: Bridging the
Opportunity Divide

Marnie Webb, Chief Community Impact Officer, TechSoup

How can communities of practice support each other with tech? Hear how TechSoup uses membership models, how they build value for members, and how communities can be leveraged to solve problems. Leave with tangible insights on how to build a community around a common purpose, and how to manage, and improve, a community of support for like-minded organizations.

Creating and Managing a
Purposeful Hybrid Environment
Between Google, Microsoft, and Others

Dominique Diggs, Social Justice School and Norwin Herrera, Community IT

What happens when an organization’s technology needs are so different, that a single platform is not the answer? This session will discuss what situations could warrant a deliberate hybrid solution between platforms like Microsoft and Google. Using a case study of The Social Justice school’s hybrid environment setup, we’ll discuss what running IT support might look like, its impact on aspects like security and remote tools, and ways to combat logistical challenges.

Create a Plan for Your Organization’s
Success: Data + Tech + Strategy

Marnie Webb, Chief Community Impact Officer,  TechSoup and Cameron Jones, Vice President, Solutions and Services, TechSoup

Learn what makes organizations successful in adopting and using new technologies, including the importance of assessment tools with clear frameworks for evaluation and establishing a digital “upgrade” plan. We’ll overview which technology areas (such as security, automation, and data handling) where we see that organizations need help, and what effective recommendations are for addressing them to become more resilient and effective.

Building An Emergency Asset Mapping
Project - A 2021 TIA Winner Update

Paul Lutton, Vice President, ViequesLove

In 2021, ViequesLove was granted a Technology Innovation Award to help implement their Emergency Asset Mapping Development Project – a web-based software project designed to provide emergency responders and organizations a planning and operational tool to locate and track gaps in a wide range of critical resources required for preparation, response, and relief from emergencies. Hear updates on the implementation of this GIS map and integrated database that allows entities to share and access data with a full range of digital devices from the office or in the field.

Align Your Data with Your Values:
Simple Steps to Make Collection and
Interpretation More Equitable

Corey Newhouse, Principal, Public Profit

Most mission-driven organizations are committed to creating a more equitable, inclusive future for their communities. Yet the ways they collect and interpret data can reinforce the same oppressive systems they seek to change. In this session, we’ll explore the ways that mission-driven organizations can shift their data collection and analysis to be more equitable and inclusive, ranging from relatively quick fixes to more substantial shifts.

Harnessing The Power of Automations

James Gadsby, Chief Operating Officer, Desire Street Ministries

Migrating to a fully cloud-based environment allowed Desire Street Ministries to provide seamless work-from-anywhere advantages and a more secure workplace, but more powerfully, the ability to automate operational workflows. Join COO James Gadsby as he shares how he led his organization through the process of identifying, building, and running automations and integrations, and explore the steps and framework he used to ensure success.

Slow Down to Speed Up: How Taking a
Pause Can Help Nonprofits Accelerate
Their Impact

Lavonne McLean, Chief Programs Officer, Apparo

Does your team still manually complete routine tasks? Do you have a small staff that wears multiple hats? Do you find yourselves very reactive when it comes to technology? In this session we will learn how slowing down to evaluate your business processes and technology foundation can create operating efficiencies, free up precious time and speed up your impact, so that both your staff and constituents will benefit.

What the Evolution of Nonprofit
Security Measures Can Teach Us

Security requirements to keep organizations safe can feel like a moving target. What was good enough just a few years ago – complex passwords and even Multi-Factor Authentication – now are no longer enough. How has the industry been changing and what do we expect in the future? Join this session to discuss what we can learn from past evolutions and how to use that knowledge to prepare a stronger, more robust, working environment.

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2022 Featured Tech Lab Workshops

The Power of Automation

Organizations are evaluating ways to streamline processes and reduce manual tasks through automation. In this TechLabs workshop, we’ll look at ways to simplify processes like gathering approvals, submitting information, and aggregating data from disparate sources by building workflow automations.

This workshop will cover:

  • Common use cases
  • Interactive visualization of workflows in action
  • Diagramming and preparing for a common use case
  • Building and testing an automation
Building a Modern Intranet Design
Internal communications and employee engagement is a growing requirement for organizations. In many cases, intranets, or private networks used by organizations to distribute communication and information to their employees, can be the answer.
In this TechLab workshop, we’ll explore modern intranet design and cover:
  • Uses and benefits of building an intranet site
  • Intranet design considerations
  • Content management strategies
Together, we will draft key elements of any intranet, create wireframes, and build a modern page in SharePoint.
Digital Transformation Toolkit
Learn the fundamentals of technology planning and making the case for technology investments in this TechLabs workshop. We will equip you with worksheets, self-assessments, and templates to:
  • Assess your current level of technology maturity and determine focus areas
  • Write a strategic technology plan
  • Identify learning needs and build staff technology skills
  • Pitch technology improvements to your boss, board, and funders
  • Evaluate return on investment for current and potential technologies
There will be some in-class work time to familiarize yourself with the toolkit, and Tech Impact experts will be available throughout the conference to answer your individual questions.